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The times are testing our understanding of the term “resilience”...

Resilience — a term used widely in health, well-being and sustainability — refers to the ability to withstand a shock to the system. A resilient person is one who can grow and thrive in the face of adversity — a financial setback, job loss, health crisis, relationship ending or any of a number of other physical or psychological misfortunes. Similarly, a resilient community, city or nation is one that can bounce back from any of a wide range of setbacks.

We have been talking about resilience for several years. In business, personal life and in the context of the climate crisis, though the ability to adapt to extreme weather like wildfires in Australia and California, and droughts in Africa. We have learned to cope with such sad events. Corona Virus, currently affecting also some small areas of northern Italy, will disappear soon and our friends in northern Italy and China will be able to go back to normal life soon !!

At Green Italy Tours we specialize in high quality, small & medium group tours as well as private guided tours.

We also offer some of the best cooking courses throughout Italy!
Come sip on a local Primitivo in the warm Pugliese sun or play a memorable round of golf on a green nestled in ancient olive groves, overlooking sparkling turquoise seas. Enjoy a beautiful farm to table meal in a countryside setting, as we explore local and traditional recipes together. Whatever your taste, Green Italy invites you and all five of your senses to delight in an authentic immersion into the heart and soul of our beautiful country. Our Italia is not a place that can be appreciated from the back of a tour bus. This is our home. We want you to see her as we do, and as we have throughout the generations. Be our guests for a day, or stay for three weeks! 

While you are with Green Italy, you are family! Please visit Trip Advisor to read some of our reviews! 


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